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Four books on Ethiopian Medicinal Plants by Dr Fekadu Fullas

1. Ethiopian Traditional Medicine: Common Medicinal Plants in Perspective, 2001; 149 pp

This book introduces the reader to Ethiopian traditional medicine and medicinal plants by providing a detailed account of 25 medicinal plants. It also presents a tabulation of 99 widely used Ethiopian medicinal plants.

2. Spice Plants in Ethiopia: Their Culinary and Medicinal Applications, 2003; 200 pp

This volume covers over 30 spice plants, which have a dual purpose of serving as culinary/ flavoring substances and as medicinal agents. It introduces the reader, in great detail, to the background of Ethiopian spice plants and their specific uses as flavors in foods and beverages, and also for therapeutic purposes in certain conditions.

3. Interactions of Ethiopian Herbal Medicines and Spices with Conventional Drugs. A Practical Guide, 2006; 180 pp

This book comes handy, especially for practicing Ethiopian healthcare providers, since it covers the too-often overlooked herb-drug interactions, when patients are prescribed conventional medications. It highlights such interactions for 38 traditional medicinal/spice plants, when used in conjunction with modern drugs.

4. Ye Etiopia Bahl Medhanit be Sainsawi Aqerareb: Ye Medhanit Itswat [Scientific Approach to Ethiopian Traditional Medicine: Medicinal Plants], 2010; 259 pp

This volume represents the first attempt written in a vernacular to provide scientific analyses of 32 commonly used Ethiopian medicinal plants. For each medicinal plant, a detailed discussion is provided by drawing on scientific evidence available in modern literature.