ALNAP - African Laboratory for Natural Products

ALNAP, founded in 1997, is an acronym for the “African Laboratory for Natural Products”, which is a network of natural products laboratories found in 5 neighboring countries of east and central Africa found in Uganda (Department of Chemistry, Makerere University and Ministry of Health), Rwanda (Institute for Scientific and Technological Research, IRST), Ethiopia (Department of Chemistry, Addis Ababa University), Congo DRC (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences) and Burundi (Department of Chemistry, Burundi University). This website is intended to serve as a portal of communication, coordination and information exchange. The logo of ALNAP shows the map of the above mentioned five member countries.

The main objective of ALNAP is to enhance the theoretical and practical capabilities of research personnel in its member countries while at the same time promoting regional research cooperation. Main activities include: Enhancing research capacity, conducting research, offering analytical services, hands on training of young researchers through home-based fellowship schemes, giving glass blowing services, developing the Natural Database for Africa (NDA), micro-propagation of medicinal and aromatic plants, developing medicinal & aromatic plant gardens and organizing short courses and workshops. ALNAP's Coordinating Center is based at the Chemistry Department of the Addis Ababa University (AAU).

Our group is responsible for the smooth running of several major research equipment such as the Bruker 400 MHz NMR instrument, the Liquid Nitrogen Generating Plant, the HP6890 Gas Chromatograph and the CAMAG Analytical Equipment. The most challenging of all is the NMR instrument, which needs weekly fill of liquid nitrogen and an annual fill of liquid helium. We are pleased to report that the NMR instrumnet was fully operational since its installation in Septebmer 2000.

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NDA is a species based database that enables a reader to get basic information on over 7,000 species mainly from Africa but also including many cosmopolitan plants.

Get your own copy of the CDROM version of NDA. This CDROM version is also a versatile resource that enables a user to ACCESS the database offline. You may order the CDROM by contacting us. We will send a copy to your address by airmail-post or by courier anywhere in the world. Please click on the link below to read a critique on NDA that was recently published by a natural products’ scientist.[]=86

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